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    The BEST tour for sweets and candy lovers! Follow me to find amazing sweeties in Barcelona.


    Barcelona Sweeties
    We have churros, we have Catalan creme, we have turron, but we also have much more than just those! In this tour, I'm going to show you where you can find the most local and delicious sweets, candies, drinks, and chocolate! Highlights of this tour: 1. Granja M. Viader: It is one of the oldest bars that can be traced back to 1870. Locals come here for the dairy products, such as cheese, fresh milk, chocolate milk, milky desserts, hot chocolate served with fresh churros, cheesecake, and coffee with hearty snacks. It is a perfect place for an after-meal afternoon tea time as well as breakfast. 2. Granja Dulcinea: You'll find churros and chocolate at many foods stands in Barcelona, but I'd really recommend you to join me in one of the best places for churros and hot chocolate - Granja Dulcinea, one of the most emblematic chocolatiers of Barcelona was founded in 1941 by Juan Mach and Elvira Farràs. 3. Caelum: It was easy to miss Caelum because it has only a small (yet absolutely beautiful) facade. However, when the night was beginning, the yellow light and the variety of pastries inside can easily catch your eye. 4. Pastisseria La Colmena: Whether for your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or as a dessert, at Pastisseria La Colmena you'll quickly find yourself surrounded by endless sweets like in taste heaven. Even the lavish display in the vintage shop windows will make your mouth water. An extremely wide variety of sweet pastries have been lovingly handcrafted here since 1849 and are sold at an affordable price. One note, there are no seats inside, all products are only for purchase. 5. Casa Gispert: It was initially a trading house for exotic products from overseas. Coffee, tea, cocoa, and fine spices. Founded by Josep Gispert, for his two sons Enric and Alfons in the heart of Barcelona In 1851. Today, the store is still filled with delicious products but mostly locally produced! It might surprise you but it is true that they still use the same nuts roasting oven from a hundred years ago! It is now very rare (the last of its kind) in Europe.

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