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    Sagrada Familia Video Tour with Detailed Stories about Everything You Need to Know about this masterpiece.


    Barcelona Sagrada Familia
    Gaudi began work on the true symbol of Barcelona in 1882, and the Sagrada Familia is still in progress today. Although the basilica is not yet completed, it is a must-see. Let's explore Antoni Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece, Learn about its history with SUYUH tour guide - Neda, and discover the beautiful Sagrada Familia at your own pace for FREE. Highlight in this tour: 1. Find out how Sagrada Familia started as a project by another architect, why Gaudi designed it the way it is, and why it takes so long to build. 2. Watch some details about the facades and towers - Nativity facade, passion Facade, Glory Facade, Apostle Towers, Evangelists Towers, and Virgin Mary Towers. 3. Watch the interior and find out where Gaudi and the person who started this - Bocabella are buried. Fun fact: The construction of the Basilica Sagrada Família is due to the initiative of Josep Maria Bocabella i Verdaguer, a Barcelona-born bookseller and extremely devout Catholic, who founded the Associació Espiritual de Devots de Sant Josep (Spiritual Association of Devotees of Saint Joseph) in 1866 to promote the values of the Christian family. Find out more about Sagrada Familia on this tour!

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