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    Modernisme Architectural Jewels: Architects & ArtNouveau Buildings


    Barcelona Architecture
    In this walking tour, I offer you the chance to experience and learn about some of the architectural treasures of the old city. We will not only enjoy these magnificent Art Jewels , we will also talk about the social context of the time and how it became a way of life. The treasures they will be hunting are over 100 years old!! Are you curious and want to join me in discovering these jewels of the past ? Well, here are some clues ... They are from the 1890s to the 1920s. All of them located in the Old Town of the town... 3 names... 3 great architects Do you know what Modernism is ? Could you tell me at least 1 Gaudí masterpiece ? ... well, those are the clues I have given you, now it's your turn to start preparing for this Adventure!!! And where does this treasure hunt end...? ...spoiler alert! Last house built by the iconic architect Antoni Gaudí

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